Standardize the way you request, collect, use, store, manage, and process bond data

iAutomate: FormQuest is a data collection solution that streamlines customer bond requests online. It provides powerful business intelligence driven by custom business rules resulting in an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Enter information once and use it in multiple ways: request and generate forms; provide required underwriting information to agencies, brokers, and sureties; or use within your own office data ecosystem of forms and documents.

Build, use, and customize your own document library. Assign business rules and services to guide responses, and streamline the bond request process by enabling customers or agencies to request surety bonds and forms directly online.

iAutomate: FormQuest simplifies the entire bond request process, from initial customer request to data interchange with other applications or databases. Link data to specific forms or documents used by your Agency, Company, or Brokerage. And connect seamlessly with our surety solutions, including iAutomate: Erlon Surety, iAutomate: Company Surety, and iAutomate: BrokerSurety.

Responsive Intelligence Streamlines Data Collection

  • Built-in rules and services respond to user input.
  • Data validation, rules, and services ensure all applicable data is captured.
  • Drop-down lists ease data entry and ensure consistency.
  • Customizable for your data collection service tied to specific forms – build your own field values, rules, and workflow.
  • Precise Data Collection Standards Enable Data Sharing

  • Information collected adheres to industry standards and best practices to enable automated data collection, sharing, and transfer, including RESTful API, JSON content, and xml data transfer standards such as ACORD.
  • Compatible with ACORD e-Label forms.
  • Cloud-Based Solution Offers Data Collection Options

  • User access via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Use information – including demographic data such as obligee, surety, and contractor information – from external applications and databases.
  • Export data directly in multiple formats, including .csv, .xls, .xlst, and .xml
  • Link directly to external data-driven systems including agency management systems, data warehouses, or other legacy systems.
  • Integration to iAutomate: Surety systems, including iAutomate: Erlon Agency Surety, iAutomate: Company Surety, and iAutomate: Broker Surety.
  • Secure methodology protects your data.
  • Build, Manage, and Customize Your Form and Document Library

  • Scan PDF forms to link with specific requests and create an online questionnaire.
  • Link form and document fields to data-collection requests; create drop-downs and check boxes and assign one or more business rules to ensure proper data collection.
  • Manage and brand forms with your organization’s identity, including commercial and contract questionnaires, applications, and bond forms.