HUB International (formerly Flynn Insurance Agency) faced a dilemma that many agencies share – an upsurge in business made it difficult for its surety bond division to keep up. The group planned to approach management about adding staff, but instead decided to review its surety bond processing systems. After implementing iAutomate: Erlon Surety in early 2003, the agency has streamlined its bond process so effectively it is able to take on more work without adding extra staff.

The agency provides a complete line of insurance and risk management programs with services ranging from business insurance to personal lines, financial services to contractor bonding. It is one of the major surety bond agencies, issuing more than 200 bonds per month, both commercial and surety. Jenny Taub-Smith, Commercial Account Supervisor, handles the commercial line, and Beth Windom, Bond Account Supervisor, handles contractor surety.

Prior to choosing iAutomate: Erlon Surety, the agency used three programs to complete its surety workflow: a DOS-based bond program to track bonds and create reports, an online system to download pre-generated forms, and a separate billing system. “Every bond we generated required three separate entries,” says Windom. After researching numerous systems, the company chose iAutomate: Erlon Surety, a software solution that automates the entire surety process and generates accurate bonds, from the Westbrook, Maine-based Insurance Automation Group. The benefits were clear:

  • Three programs in one: HUB replaced its three bond systems with iAutomate: Erlon Surety, which offers a complete surety bond workflow management system. The company now avoids duplicate and triplicate entries into multiple systems and can process bonds, generate reports, and bill all from one system.
  • Clean, personalized bond generation: iAutomate: Erlon Surety’s ability to develop customized bonds was a major selling point for HUB, which prides itself on its high standards for its surety bonds. “We can create our own forms, and add our own information,” says Windom. “We are meticulous on what we send out of this office, and we are able to get pristine documents from iAutomate: Erlon Surety.”
  • Customizability of program: iAutomate: Erlon Surety is easy to customize, which has enabled Taub-Smith and Windom to create fields and screens that help each other share their workload. Because they handle separate groups of customers, each with its own specialized needs for bond generation, the team has customized its version of iAutomate: Erlon Surety to make it easy to back each other up during vacation or sick days. “It’s easy to create fields for specific categories, including things like social security numbers, birth dates or other information that someone might not think to ask when creating a bond,” says Taub-Smith. “The system walks you through the questions you need to ask a client.”

For HUB, iAutomate: Erlon Surety has provided the right combination of automation and customization in a streamlined system that manages its entire surety bond workflow. “It has allowed us to take on the bonds from our other two offices, and we still have room for more,” says Windom. “Erlon streamlined our procedures. We don’t have to do duplicate or triplicate entry, and that is a huge timesaver for us.”