The Cashion Co. is a true family business. Founded in 1975, the agency is now run by the second generation of Cashions – a member of the third generation recently joined the team. It prides itself on delivering a high level of service to its contractor customer base. Choosing the right technology to support its surety business meant streamlining workflow while maintaining its contractor-centric approach.

“We looked for a solution that would help us speed up our process, but I am old school,” says Pam Hays, Bond Account Manager, The Cashion Co. “We needed something that was geared for a surety agency and that was easy to learn and work through.”

The team viewed several solutions before settling on iAutomate: Erlon Surety. “It was hands-down our choice – it was bond-centered, jobs-centered, contractor-centered, and user friendly,” says Judy Schoggen, Bond Account Manager, The Cashion Co. “It was like someone sat in our office and figured out what our needs were.”

Schoggen and Hays form the core of the surety team, and while they work closely together, they needed a system that would enable them to keep track of all of the jobs in the system, their status, and bids. “We have a central place to see who is bidding and the results,” says Schoggen. “Insurance Automation Group did its research in knowing what our needs would be and developing a solution to help us bring it all together.”

iAutomate: Erlon Surety became even more valuable to the team when it built an integration to Cashion Co.’s agency management solution, AMS 360. Schoggen and Hays used to track overruns and underruns and manage all billings via manual methods, but with the integration in place, they now have a fully automated system. “Every time we calculate a bond premium, it goes into a queue of bonds ready to be invoiced,” says Schoggen. “We now have a way to make sure all of our billings get done.”

Information is exported directly into AMS 360, including bond details, premiums, and descriptions, and is transmitted accurately, reducing errors and streamlining processes. “It works like a charm,” says Hays. “It is so easy to do invoicing.”

iAutomate: Erlon Surety has cut the time needed to manage its surety workflow in half while making it easier to share information and gain insight into jobs. The integration with AMS 360 has made invoicing a snap, making this solution a must-have for Cashion Co.

“iAutomate: Erlon Surety is geared for surety agencies, and it is easy to learn,” says Hays. “Insurance Automation Group really listens to us and responds to our needs,” says Schoggen.

The bottom line? iAutomate: Erlon Surety has become part of the family.