At Lawley, a broad array of products means its customers in three states get one-stop shopping for everything from benefits to surety, risk management and P&C. Supporting the variety of lines required multiple systems, including one that could handle the unique needs of surety. iAutomate: Erlon Surety delivered the efficiencies needed for the bond team while ensuring tight integration with its agency management system to improve accuracy and save time.

With multiple offices in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the Buffalo-based firm is a Top 100 National Insurance Broker. Lawley offers personal and business insurance along with risk management and employee benefits solutions. “If they sell it, we carry it,” says Ashley Engl, Operations Analyst, of Lawley’s business. “We are a well-versed shop.” To manage that diversity, Lawley uses Salesforce for its sales and benefits team, Applied’s Epic for P&C and for billing, and iAutomate: Erlon Surety for its bond team.

When the agency was searching for a solution, its primary need was to centralize its documentation in one place and automate calculation. It found a solution that was developed from the ground up to manage the surety workflow. “iAutomate: Erlon Surety was built for bonds – we’re not trying to fit bonds into a system built for other types of insurance. The terminologies and policies are different and our bond people need their own system,” says Engl. “Erlon is our surety system of record.”

The software so fully meets the needs of the bond team that it does not use the Epic system on a day-to-day basis, nor are surety reps even trained on it. Instead Lawley has created a workflow and built out numerous forms entirely within iAutomate: Erlon Surety. It stores all documentation related to bonds within the system, centralizing them in one place. And it conducts a manual transaction update every day to deliver accurate information into Epic without rekeying data.

The tight integration between iAutomate: Erlon Surety and Epic means that Lawley’s surety information is shared seamlessly, eliminating manual and duplicate entry and streamlining billing. All data on policies and clients is pulled into Epic, and bond data is ready for invoicing.

Lawley performs a manual synch to integrate all data and information, from new client data to policy information. Lawley can track every activity, including identifying which clients are ready for renewal and when to generate invoices. Estimated time to manage the synch is a minute or two per policy, but Engl values the data accuracy even more than the time saved over manual re-keying the information from one system to another.

“We know that whatever we put into Erlon will go into Epic the exact same way,” says Engl. “If you do it manually, even if you copy and paste, you can’t be sure.”

Lawley was the first agency to use the integration between iAutomate: Erlon Surety and Epic, and says that mapping fields and data was “definitely worth our time to set it up. It works very smoothly,” says Engl. “The integration has been invaluable.”